Lift Depression Book

by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell

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We are social animals and it’s important for us all to feel part of, and contribute to, a community of people, no matter how big or small. Meaningful connections with others once meant the difference between life and death. They enabled our survival in more primitive times when predators would have eaten us were we to be cast out of the tribe. That’s why we instinctively all feel safer as part of a group.

Questions to ask when considering the need for community:

  • Do you feel part of a community outside of your close family and friends? This includes global, cultural and political groups as well as smaller groups, for example being an active part of a local, education, religious, charitable or work community.
  • Do you feel others in your community listen to what you say and that you can have valuable input into it?
  • Are you having doubts about what your community is trying to achieve?
  • Have you recently withdrawn from your community because of other reasons, for example a newborn baby or financial troubles?