Lift Depression Book

by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell

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Case histories

Here is a sample of real life case histories from people who suffered from depression and used the human givens approach to change their lives:

  1. I came away with so many ideas” – read the case history of how a single mother’s depression was lifted.
  2. A young Russian woman, Nina, describes in an in depth case history how just three sessions of human givens therapy lifted her out of her suicidal depression and turned her life around.
  3. Rick’s story – The cause of Rick’s depression was simple, yet he was considering suicide, even after previous counselling.
  4. Clive’s Party – Clive works on practical tasks designed to get his needs met.

All case histories are extracts from: Lift Depression… fast and The Human Givens Journal. Please refer to these publications for further case histories, as well as the book An Idea in Practice – Using the human givens approach (Shortlisted for the MIND Book Of the Year Award 2008).

We would like to thank the following Human Givens Therapists for sharing these case histories with us: Mike Beard, Ivan Tyrrell, Joe Griffin and Pamela Woodford. If any Human Givens Therapists have any additional case studies they wish to add, please contact us.

Please note: to protect confidentiality, all client biographical details have been changed.