Lift Depression Book

by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell

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Links – The Human Givens Publishing shop offers books, CDs and Monographs about a wide range of subjects including: psychology, human behaviour, effective psychotherapy, guided imagery and relaxation, depression, anxiety, addiction, anger, trauma, emotional intelligence, the power of stories and metaphor, and why we dream. Everything we publish is produced in clear, jargon-free language so that this often much-needed information is easily accessible to as wide an audience as possible. – The Human Givens Institute’s official website – further information on depression, dreaming, anxiety, addiction, trauma and psychosis. Also contains archived articles from the Human Givens Journal and a register of Qualified Human Givens Practitioners. – Human Givens College, training in the best ways to help people suffering from emotional and mental health problems, including depression, PTSD, anxiety disorders, addiction and more. Offering one- and two-day workshops, online courses, webinars and the Human Givens Diploma course including courses about depression. – The Human Givens Foundation – Its objectives are to promote research and public education into the ‘givens’ of human nature and their application into the treatment and care of those suffering from mental illness. – A website dedicated to explaining the expectation fulfilment theory of dreaming, a fundamental part of the human givens approach to depression

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