Lift Depression Book

by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell

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Listen to some short excerpts from the Understanding and lifting depression… without drugs, and Evolution and the Human Givens CD’s – part of our popular Sound Advice CD series about what the human givens approach brings to mental health treatment.


Clip 1 – Depression and the REM state
The excerpt below features Ivan Tyrrell and Irish psychologist Joe Griffin, the founders of the human givens approach, discussing how the REM state is linked to depressive mood and how worrying about our emotional needs can perpetuate the cycle of depression.
4 mins 58 sec



Clip 2 – Antidepressants
In the next excerpt, Ivan and Joe explain how depression is not caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, the risks involved in taking anti-depressants, and why getting needs met is a long term solution to treating mental health problems.
4 mins 4 secs



Clip 3 – The need for meaning
This excerpt deals with the final emotional need, the need for meaning. Joe Griffin describes the importance of this need and the ways in which it can be met.
4mins 56 secs



Clip 4 – The need for attention
Listen to a clip from the Evolution and the Human Givens CD, on the need for attention.
2 mins 45 secs



Clip 5 – Setbacks in life
From the same CD, a clip explaining how the human givens approach helps us understand how to overcome the inevitable setbacks in life that all of us have to face.
3 mins 07 secs



See the human givens shop for more information about the Sound Advice CDs: Understanding and lifting depression… without drugs and Evolution and the Human Givens.