Lift Depression Book

by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell

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What can I do to feel better now?
Go to this page on what to do now to find activities you can do to raise your mood instantly.

I am feeling suicidal, what can I do?
Visit this page on suicidal thoughts to see what immediate help is available.

Why do I wake up tired?
Spending too much time in the REM state during sleep leads to waking up feeling exhausted. Visit this page to find out how over dreaming can lead to waking up tired.

Why is therapy better than antidepressants?
Although some antidepressants work to lift some symptoms of depression (by blocking REM sleep) they are not a long term solution to depression, as they do not tackle the cause of depression, which are innate needs not being met.

Go to the second audio clip on the Listen page to hear Joe Griffin discussing the human givens perspective on anti-depressants.

Is there a difference between how depression affects men and women?
Research shows that there are indeed differences between how men and women are affected by depression. For example, women are more likely to manifest depression due to failure in their relationships, while men are more likely to get depressed about a loss of status. Two to three times more women suffer from depression than men but men are more likely to commit suicide than women.

What about Bipolar disorder?
The mood swings that present in Bipolar disorder can be controlled in the same way as depression using the principles on REM sleep balance, getting innate needs met and reinstating emotional stability explained in this website.

How can I help someone with depression?
Further your professional development and learn the Human Givens approach to help those with depression. Human Givens offer a range of psychotherapy and counselling courses ideal for both professionals and those wanting to help people suffering with depression. Find out more about how you can train to be a counsellor and help improve the lives of individuals and families today.

If you have any other questions that are not answered here or on this website, please contact us.