Lift Depression Book

by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell

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Lift depression – the human givens approach

Delving Deeper - Exploring Consciousness Online CourseFeeling depressed – tired, miserable, sad and uninterested in life for long periods – is a human vulnerability. It can happen to anyone. When it strikes it affects your sleep, physical health, sexual desire, power of concentration, thinking and ability to empathise with others. Typically depressed people wake up exhausted and unmotivated. The more severe these symptoms are the more difficult normal daily activities become and life begins to feel meaningless. On average, 15% of people who repeatedly sink into a depressed state have an increased risk of suicide.

This site contains vital information for a clear understanding of the cause of, and the most effective treatment for, this debilitating mental condition.

If you are currently suffering from depression and need practical and clear advice now, we recommend you read these pages first:

If you are looking for more in depth general information about what depression is and how it is linked to the REM state, we recommend these pages:

If you are looking to train to be a counsellor and help those with depression we recommend these pages:

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